Friday, May 15, 2009

Treasures Waiting to be Found

There are many treasures just waiting for a hand to pick them up. It could be your hand and we will attempt to make your aware of where and when to find these treasures. As in any treasure hunt, the hunt itself, is half the fun. If you do not enjoy the adventure of the quest then this blog is not for you. Some of what you will find out here will not be new. We hope, however, to expand and deepen your existing knowledge of the treasures around you. We will take you to many locations in all parts of this county. We will take you on a journey of adventure and exploration in a search for many different treasures, many of which you have never thought of.

We will begin out search of what is probably the most widespread treasure in the United States. Something that is found in every state with the except of Hawaii. Something that has been here for thousands of years. What is this treasure? The stone tools of early Americans, yes native American artifacts. Some of which are only worth a few dollars and others which are valued in the thousands. These artifacts can be found in every location in North America and we will tell you where and how to find them.

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